Practitioner Registration Instructions

If you are a doctor or health care professional who can prescribe medications in your state, please click below to create your account. When you sign up with us, you are under no obligation to purchase from us. You have the option of referring patients to us, or buying EZtrek® from us and selling directly to your patients. The patient has been evaluated for an inflammatory disease / disorder for which the medical food, EZtrek®, may help. We offer a referral program for doctors who send their patients to purchase from us. Please indicate your preference at the end of the form. If you encounter any trouble with your registration, you can reach us during regular business hours at 1-800-994-0301.


EZtrek® is a unique Medical Food, launched in November 2021 by Peskin Pharmaceuticals® specifically designed to help compensate for an impaired delta-6 desaturase metabolic pathway leading to increased inflammation, as diagnosed and evaluated by a physician. Physician-reported results have been unprecedented in adjuvant effectiveness. EZtrek® is complementary with any modality / current intervention. Many diseases from CVD... to COPD... to Cancer… to Diabetes… have known D6D impairment causing inflammation, and EZtrek® optimizes metabolic pathways that naturally combat chronic inflammation. Its precursor is sold internationally by physicians and healthcare professionals, and has a history of over 25 years of extremely safe use. EZtrek® is comprised of safe, unprocessed, organic, botanical (plant-based) oils in natural triglyceride form.

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